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iconicfayth's Journal

IconicFayth - icons yo
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The Comm
This is just a little icon community for hasu. I will be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest, but hey, I'm having fun, so it works out. Anything you see here is free to be snagged so long as you give credit. Also, if you ahve textures, brushes, etc you think I'd find nifty, point me in the direction and I'll check them out. I'm always game to try something new. Critique is encouraged, but be civilised, no "zomg they suxxors" please.

A Few Rules
1. No stealing. Srsly, yarly, all that good stuff. You didn't make them, so please don't claim that you did.

2. No hotlinking, ie don't link directly to the images. It isn't nice and if i find out you're doing ti, I will come after you with a rusty spoon.

3. Please don't edit my icons unless I say you can. If you want to change something, ask. If you're nice and it's reasonable, I might agree. Blanks aren't intended as bases but if you want to use them as such, ask first, mmkay?

4. Requests and affiliates are welcome! If you want a specific image for your request, be sure to provide me with it, don't assume I can pull it out of subspace or something. =p

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